Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Over the last few decades, we have seen a large change in how portable buildings are used. From your basic garden shed all the way to Tiny homes. The definition of a “shed” is certainly changing. Through this change, Haley Paint wanted to find a way to continue to provide up-to-date products to fit builders’ needs. This is how the invention of the Haley HVLP Unit and Closed Cell Spray Foam started at Haley Paint.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  1. Strengthens the walls & Floors of the building
    • Spray Foam Insulation is dense and will get everywhere. When applied it slowly expands filling in any small seams or gaps. It will then act like glue helping hold your building together
  2. Blocks Air, Water & Pests
    • Due to spray foam insulation getting into the tiny seams in your building, it creates a barrier for small pests, pollen/allergens, unwanted air movement, and water from getting into your structure and causing problems.
  3. Noise Reduction
    • Your new building can serve a million different purposes but if any of them are man caves, she sheds, home office, etc. getting a building with spray foam insulation will keep the outside noise at bay.
  4. Longevity
    • It will last the lifetime of your building! Spray Foam insulation does not sag or break like other insulations. It will stay put providing consistent protection for your structure.
  5. Creates a Livable Space
    • Spray foam insulation allows you to easily heat or cool your structure by helping block the outside temperature from creeping in and your heat or ac from creeping out as well!