Super Satin Acrylic Paint 888

Super Satin Acrylic Paint 888


Our Super Satin Acrylic Paint 888 Series is a self-priming, high-build, mildew-resistant exterior coating. Our Paint is designed for use on a variety of substrates including Wood, Manufactured Wood, Metal, Masonry/Stucco, and All Cementitious Manufactured Products

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Super Satin Acrylic Paint 888 Features

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Not only does our Super Satin Line offer Batch-to-Batch consistency, but we offer a 10-Year No-Fade Guarantee/25-Year Adhesion Promise!

RELIABLE RESULTS – Featuring a durable finish that’s resistant to fading, cracking, blistering, or chalking, this paint adds a premium, professional finish to any outdoor surface. In addition, our Super Satin Paint offers excellent flow and leveling over the grain texture of all wood substrates.

EASY TO APPLY – Rapid dry wet on wet application means that you can spray two coats on your structure and be done! In other words, our Super Satin 888 line saves you time, allowing you to get on to your next project without having to wait in between coats.

The Nitty Gritty

Product Specifications

  • Approved Substrates: LP® SmartPanel®, Primed DuraTemp®, Miratec, Masonite, Primed Metal and vinyl
  • Application Methods: Airless Sprayer, Brush, Roll
  • Airless Sprayer: For best results use a Graco 5:17 Tip
  • Surface Preparation: Clean, tight surface
  • Dry Time: 4–6 Hours
  • Application Temperatures: 35–100 Degrees
  • Coverage Rate: 350 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years