HP Flatline

HP Flatline

The HP Flatline is the newest addition to our coating equipment. This machine is designed to speed up your shop’s production by coating 3 sides of your trim, LAP siding or D-log at one time. Saving you on time and material! With the Flatline your shop can eliminate the need to face rolling trim, siding, etc. by simply running it through the Flatline.

Flatline Features

BENEFITS – Coats 3 sides of material in one pass

BENEFITS – HP Flatline speeds up your production line by being able to coat 16″w material at 200ft a minute!

BENEFITS – Haley’s Flatline can be tied to existing wall-mounted, multi-color paint spray systems to allow for easy color changeover and clean-up. They can be connected by either dedicated lines or for the ultimate portability, quick disconnects can be installed.

The Nitty Gritty

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