HP HVLP Trailer

HP HVLP Trailer

Haley Paint is now offering a completely customizable trailer for our HVLP unit. Whether you have more than 1 shop or want to travel around your plant, the trailer adds the needed mobility to control your foam demands!

This unit can be customized and designed for HP Foam or Haley Poly Floor Shield. Ask about our Dual unit option!

HP HVLP Trailer Features

The Unit comes standard with,

  • Trailer reinforced with 3-4” foam
  • HVLP Rig wall mounted
  • 75ft Heated Hose
  • Room for 4 drums
  • Inverter Generator
  • Air Compressor
  • Mounted & installed Mini Split
  • Coated Trailer Floor with Haley Poly Shield
  • Option of having the trailer wrapped
  • Delivery & Training of your team!