About Haley Paint

Providing High-Quality Finishes Since 1913

Haley Paint has been serving the market since 1913, providing high-quality paints, stains, & advice to our customers.

100+ Years in the Paint Industry

From our incorporation on July 3, 1913 , Finnaren and Haley now doing business as Haley Paint. We’ve been producing innovative, market driven, purpose built coatings.

Haley Paint has thrived by listening closely to our customers.

Our Mantra is based on the simple yet profound words of a long-time great customer, Amos Lapp, “Make a great product and treat people right.”

National Prefinish

Our stains and urethanes have been incorporated into a line of prefinished overhead & entry doors, siding, and trim for homes, garages, and outdoor structures. Learn more about these residential products at the National Prefinish website.

Our Team

Robert Haley

(717) 299-6771

Nationwide Service & Delivery

From our headquarters in Lancaster County, PA, we deliver our paints, stains, and urethanes throughout the United States. Through our online store, we offer free shipping on all orders over $200.

In addition, our sales representatives constantly travel throughout the country to attend events, check up on current manufacturers, and meet with potential customers. If you are a manufacturer of outdoor structures and are considering Haley Paint for your finishing needs, contact us to schedule an initial meeting.