Wilderness Urethane Touch Up Kits

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Wilderness Urethane Touch Up Kits


Do you have a building coated with our Wilderness Urethane and it just needs a small touch up? Then our 153 Touch Up Spray Cans are perfect for you! This can allows for easy touch-up on your shed or home.

The Nitty Gritty

Product Specifications

  • Approved for Touch Up ONLY!
  • Approved Substrates: LP SmartSide Panel, primed Masonite, primed vinyl, or primed metal. Note: to achieve a wood stained look all these substrates must have a faux grain surface. 153 Wilderness Urethane is also approved for use on rough sawn wood to give it a stain appearance.
  • Application: Spray out of the can in a feathering method
  • Surface Prep: This product is designed for touch-up use only!! Please clean the surface off with a pressure washer to make sure there is no dirt on the desired touch-up location.
  • Application Temperatures: 50 to 100 degrees.
  • Special Features: Wilderness Urethane contains trans iron oxide nanotechnology pigments which are paired with a very tough urethane to provide our customers a finish that will maintain its appearance for a decade.
  • Shelf Life: 3 years.