Our Exterior Acrylic Paints offer the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and ease of application


Haley Paint’s acrylic paint is a self-priming, high-build, mildew-resistant coating designed for wooden outdoor products, including sheds, garages, barns, and exterior trim.

Factory Milled Pigments

All our acrylic paints feature factory-milled pigments, rather than paint store colorants other paint suppliers rely on. Our process ensures our paint meets a higher standard of precision and color durability you won’t find from other paint manufacturers.

Easy Application

We’ve designed our paints to easily apply with a roller or sprayer. Our paint’s rapid dry wet on wet spray properties make it easier for an outdoor structure manufacturer to perform inline production, or for a homeowner to make fast work of their painting project.

Guaranteed Performance

Our paints are designed for excellent exterior performance, with a finish that is resistant to blistering, cracking, and chalking. All our acrylic paints come with a 10-Year Non-Fade Guarantee and a 25-Year Adhesion Promise.