Haley Poly Floor Shield

Haley Poly Floor Shield

Haley Poly Floor Shield is a plural component rapid curing (30 sec.) hi-performance coating for shed floors. It is a highly flexible, chemical resistance, seamless coating that is excellent for pet structures, garage floors, horse barns, and any heavy wear flooring you need to protect!

Common Uses:

  • Shed & Garage Floors
  • Trailer floors
  • Horse Barns
  • Kennels

Poly Floor Shield Features

BENEFITS – Poly Floor Shield has an excellent flexibility for large building transit movement

BENEFITS –Poly Floor Shield has a broad spectrum of chemical resistance including animal waste, motor oil, cleaning solvents

BENEFITS – Poly Floor Shield is an easy spray-on application that creates a non-slip tread that will wear like iron!

BENEFITS – Poly Floor Shield does NOT have seams and does NOT pick up dirt and lift like like rubber floors.

The Nitty Gritty

Product Specifications