Wilderness Urethane 153

Product Features

153 Wilderness Rustic Stain Look Urethane Wilderness Urethane is a single component very low VOC film forming product designed to achieve a stained look appearance over a primed substrate. Primed products like LP Smart Panel, Primed Duratemp, and Miratec and Masonite.

The product also works well on fiberglass and metal garage and entry doors.

Wilderness contains proprietary nano technology pigments that are paired with a proven weather resistant Urethane resin that will maintain its appearance for a decade.

  • Film Forming Toner – Maximum Adhesion to the Substrate
  • Hard Durable Satin Finish – Resists Dirt Pick-up
  • Use on LP Smart Side Paneling to Achieve Stained Appearance
  • May Be Used on Fiberglass Entry and Garage Doors
  • Built in UV Stabilizers to Improve Weathering and Avoid Degradation from Sunlight Exposure
  • One Component – Save Time and Avoid Errors As With Multiple Step Products
  • Factory Pack Colors

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