APOC Super-Flash Elastomeric Roof Sealant

APOC Super-Flash Elastomeric Roof Sealant


  • Stops Leaks
  • Wet, Dry, or Cold Weather Application
  • Extreme Hold, Flexibility & Performance

The Nitty Gritty

Product Specifications

APOC 501 Super-Flash Thermoplastic Flashing Sealant is a unique professional-grade elastomeric flashing and repair product that cures to a long-lasting rubber membrane. This product remains flexible through extreme temperature ranges. Its non-sag properties and its exceptional adhesion guarantees that Super-Flash is the ideal product for the construction and repair of all flashings, parapet walls, copings and chimneys. This product is ideally suited for sealing splits, cracks, holes and built-up roofs (asphalt and coal tar) and modified bitumen membranes. It may also be used as a topical repair for EPDM rubber sheets. Super-Flash can be used to seal leaks on damp or wet surfaces and even works as a temporary repair in standing water. Do not use for adhering shingle tabs or any other roofing materials. This is not designed as an adhesive product.